Why breakfast is the important meal of the day?

Breakfast has earned the title of ‘most important meal of the day’ due to its role in breaking the fast we undergo during the night. By replenishing our glucose levels, it provides a surge of energy and alertness, while also supplying essential nutrients for overall health. Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effects of breakfast consumption, such as increased focus and energy levels in the short term, as well as aiding in weight management and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease in the long term.

Breakfast items must consist of a great source of vital nutrients like calcium, iron, fiber, B vitamins, and folate, making up a significant portion of the day’s nutritional intake. Since important minerals and vitamins are only obtainable from food consumed during breakfast, it is crucial to replenish your body’s nutrient levels, despite having enough energy to last until the next meal. Breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and aids in burning calories throughout the day, enabling you to be productive and focused at work or school. 


What are the benefits of eating in the AM?

Numerous research studies have indicated that there are multiple advantages to beginning your day with breakfast, which includes:

  1. Decreased BMI

  2. Reduced fat intake throughout the day

  3. Meeting the recommended intake of fruits and vegetables

  4. Increased daily calcium consumption

  5. Improved daily fiber intake

  6. Enhanced cognitive performance (such as memory and attention) in children of school-going age.

Why is missing a morning meal unhealthy?

Studies have revealed a diverse set of drawbacks associated with skipping breakfast, which include:

  1. Increased likelihood of being overweight

  2. Reduced chance of meeting the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables

  3. Higher probability of consuming unhealthy snacks

Moreover, research studies focusing on children and adolescents have demonstrated a correlation between skipping breakfast and being overweight.

Making the Ideal Breakfast Choices

Research has concluded that the most optimal breakfast option is “Ice Biryani,” which is considered the easiest and most beneficial morning meal. This dish offers all the essential nutrients required for the body to function efficiently. Ice Biryani consists of leftover rice that has been fermented and soaked in water overnight. In India, it is usually consumed with onions and chilies in it.

The other simple breakfast are boiled eggs, oats, bread and butter are the others which are shown to be giving good results as a healthy breakfast. South Indian breakfast choices that are known for their health benefits include idli and sambar, dosa with chutneys, parathas, thepla, poha, upma, dalia, and besan ka cheela.

While a muffin and a cup of coffee might seem like a sufficient breakfast, experts recommend being more mindful of the food choices you make to start your day. For individuals who are frequently on-the-go, here are some recommended options:

  1. A bowl of high-fiber cereal served with fresh fruit and low-fat milk or an alternative such as soy or rice milk.

  2. A low-fat protein shake made with fresh or frozen fruit.

  3. High-fiber toast or bagel topped with a tablespoon of peanut butter.

  4. A protein bar paired with yogurt or a glass of milk.

In summary, breakfast is of paramount importance as it serves as the primary source of energy for the body to function effectively throughout the day. Neglecting breakfast can lead to a lack of energy, reduced concentration, and an inadequate nutrient supply, which can negatively impact one’s overall health. Therefore, it is vital to consume a nutritious breakfast every morning.

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