Director's Message

Dear Students,

I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of our university for your interest in our program. Modern healthcare has advanced significantly over the past few decades, but there is still much to learn. We constantly and consistently strive to make sure that our students acquire a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the healthcare sector.

For more than 16 years, CCUSoM has provided aspiring, talented, and intelligent medical practitioners with the opportunity to pursue a competency-based quality medical education in a collaborative, friendly,and scholastic environment. 

CCU works with eminent medical educators to stay updated with the innovations in the field of healthcare education. Our curriculum is continually refined to ensure that our students master comprehensive knowledge of medical education through competency-based instruction.

We firmly believe that extensive clinical training and experience are extremely important in the healthcare industry. For the purpose of developing clinical medicine competency, CCU students will have access to clerkship training, with the choice of clerkship training in affiliated ACGME hospitals in the United States or Canada.

Your commitment to the course would open the doors for a fulfilling career. You can refer to the prospectus of CCU for  more information about CCU, its educational philosophy, admission standards, academic and administrative rules, and other relevant data for your reference on the education program.  Contact our Indian Office for any additional questions or career assistance. They will be delighted to assist you in any way they can.

Best wishes,
Candace Castillo MSc.

Clarification on CCUSOM Programs

We wish to inform you that CCUSOM has no partner campuses, split programs in India, or offline premed centers. Our programs are exclusively completed within the university in Belize. Any rumors circulating in India about such arrangements are untrue. Trust only official communications for accurate information.