Tuition Fees

CCUSOM has designed an affordable tuition and fee structure, ensuring that aspiring students can pursue their dream of a medical career.

Tuition and fees are payable prior to the beginning of each semester, while other school fees are due within 30 days as indicated on the invoice. All students have access to university facilities and services, including library services, computer rooms, and other education-related services, for which associated fees are required.

The table below provides an estimate of tuition, school fees, and other student expenses per semester (4 months), which includes utilities such as water, electricity, air conditioning, internet, and cable TV. 

Additionally, a one-time enrollment reservation fee is due as specified in the acceptance letter, which is non-refundable and will be applied toward tuition costs for enrolled students.

However, if a student decides not to attend medical school or withdraws, the enrollment reservation fee will be forfeited. 

It should be noted that this fee only applies to students requiring a visa and not to US, Canadian, and European citizens or residents. 

The estimated average monthly rent is also provided.

Tuition Fees (per semester)

Fees Schedule Premed Basic Science Clinicals
Full Tuition $5,900 $7,500 $12,500
Incidentals/Lab Fees $500 $500 $500
Student Government Fee $100 $100 $100
Online Resources $250 $250 $250

Late Payment Fee

In case of late payment, a late fee of 10% of the total semester fee will be charged. This fee will only be applied if the payment is past due.

Late Registration Fee

A fee of $500 will be charged in two cases:
1) If a student arrives late on campus and misses the orientation; and
2) If a student fails to attend a scheduled rotation.

Deferment Fee

If a student requests to defer the matriculation date after paying the enrollment fee, a non-refundable fee of $500 must be paid along with the request.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

All clinical medicine students are required to have Medical Malpractice Insurance through WUHS. The cost of the insurance is $1200.00, and it will be charged during the MD6 and MD9 semesters of the clinical program. Students must pay the full amount to be eligible for clinical rotation participation. The cost of the insurance may change during the program period based on the premiums paid by the University.

Student Scrubs and Lab Coat Purchase (required)

All students must buy a set of embroidered scrubs and lab coats, which are mandatory attire for all school labs, off-campus learning facilities, and clinical rotations. Students are responsible for purchasing their embroidered scrubs and lab coats. For further information, students may contact the admissions department.


A fee of $200 is charged for loan processing, which is non-refundable.


Estimated monthly cost of living for students is $600-1000 USD, subject to individual circumstances. Cost-saving measures such as sharing accommodation and budgeting daily expenses can help reduce expenses. Transportation costs vary.

Note: These figures are estimates and subject to individual needs.


The Bursar's Office handles the billing and collection of student fees, which can be paid using various methods, such as credit/debit cards, cash, money orders, bank drafts, or wire transfers. Students who are approved for loans but have yet to receive disbursement may still register for classes on a provisional basis.

Students will receive a bill with information on how to pay. If a check is returned, a fee of $30 will be charged to the student's account.

Withdrawals and Refunds

To withdraw from the university, students must obtain a withdrawal form and submit it with the required signatures to the appropriate office. Premedical and Basic Science students can obtain the form online or from the Registrar’s Office in Belize, while clinical students should contact the U.S. Office for the form.

Upon official withdrawal from the university, students will receive a credit for tuition and refundable fees based on a specified schedule, minus the Enrollment Reservation Fee and any other applicable fees determined by the university. 

The amount of the refund for students who withdraw from the school in any term will be determined according to the following schedule:

Time FrameRefund
Four weeks prior to first class meeting100% – minus seat reservation fee
Three weeks prior to first class meeting50%
Two weeks prior to first class meeting25%
Less than two weeks prior to first class0%

IMPORTANT: The University does not impose any penalties on students who decide to transfer or withdraw from the school. Refunds will be issued, excluding the seat reservation fee and any other relevant fees. The University will process refunds within 30 days of receiving an official refund request that has been approved by the Financial Department. However, students who are absent without official leave (AWOL) or fail to submit a Withdrawal Form will not be eligible for a refund.

Military Discount

Students may be eligible for a military discount of 10%, which is subject to review. Those who are interested in finding out if they are eligible for this discount should contact the admissions office.


If you fail to pay your fees for the current semester, your schedule may be canceled, and you may not be able to register for the next term until your balance is cleared. Failure to clear your balance may also result in a penalty of 10%.

Additionally, official requests such as transcripts or grade reports will not be processed until all outstanding dues are paid. Please be aware that the University may alter its tuition and fees, as well as its refund policy, without advance notice.

Clarification on CCUSOM Programs

We wish to inform you that CCUSOM has no partner campuses, split programs in India, or offline premed centers. Our programs are exclusively completed within the university in Belize. Any rumors circulating in India about such arrangements are untrue. Trust only official communications for accurate information.