Review Process

What to Anticipate?

After reviewing and processing the application and its supporting documents, we will schedule an interview for the applicant. 

Our admissions committee at CCUSOM takes a comprehensive approach, considering various aspects such as academic performance, volunteer and job experiences, personal hardships, and core values alignment when assessing applicants for acceptance. 

In order to prepare for the interview, we encourage applicants to dress in professional attire, arrive punctually, and most importantly, present oneself genuinely. 

Certain applicants may be invited for an interview prior to the Admissions Committee reviewing their application. These interviews may take place in the US or through a webcam and Skype-enabled device. 

The Admissions Committee will consider applications from eligible candidates that are no more than a year old from their intended start date.

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Clarification on CCUSOM Programs

We wish to inform you that CCUSOM has no partner campuses, split programs in India, or offline premed centers. Our programs are exclusively completed within the university in Belize. Any rumors circulating in India about such arrangements are untrue. Trust only official communications for accurate information.