Affiliated Hospitals

Columbus Central University has a standing relationship with many excellent hospitals and clinical centers.

A clinical center is defined as a hospital, or group of hospitals, able to provide at least four of five core rotations and train 5 to 40 students at all times. Clinical centers provide sub-internships, primary care rotations and electives.

With CCU clinical directors, clerkship directors and faculty at each location, our students, like many US medical students, can receive their clinical education in their own “university” clinical program.

During the residency, our students are covered by the CCU Malpractice Liability Insurance. Clinical Clerkship weeks constitute third and fourth year medical education to complete a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Although the majority of all CCU students complete their clinical rotations in the United States, rotations outside the United States are also available. Students may participate in rotations in Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, India and in many worldwide locations.

Currently, the states where our students are eligible to schedule Clinical Clerkship are listed below. Listings are adjusted frequently as the Clinical Department works to acquire new rotation slots.

All core rotations must be done in ACGME approved hospitals. Student may set up their own rotations, with a prior consent of the Dean of Clinical Sciences.