Comparing Medical Schools in Canada with Caribbean's Medical College CCUSOM

While Canadian and Caribbean medical schools both provide excellent medical education, they have distinct differences. These variations may include factors such as admissions requirements, curriculum structure, clinical training opportunities, and cost. Understanding these differences can help aspiring medical students choose the right program to suit their needs and career goals.


In Canada, medical schools are approved by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS), whereas Caribbean medical schools such as CCU are chartered, registered, and licensed by the government of Belize. Despite the differences in accrediting bodies, both ensure that students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for success. After passing the qualifying exams, graduates from Avalon University are qualified to practice medicine in Canada.

Requirements for Admission

In contrast to Canadian medical schools that typically require competitive MCAT scores, CCU’s MD program doesn’t currently mandate MCAT scores, making it a more accessible option for students who haven’t had the opportunity to take the exam. CCU is also proud to welcome students from various countries, including Canada. Even though Canadian students may be thousands of miles away from home, CCU provides them with a friendly environment that makes Belize feel like a second home. If you are a Canadian medical student looking to transfer to CCU, please visit our admissions page or get in touch with our office +1.888.772.2925.


The climate in Canada can vary from moderate spring weather to hot and humid summers, and finally to severe winter conditions that bring snow and ice, with variations depending on the region. CCU’s campus is situated in Belize, an island with a semi-arid climate, which means that temperatures stay between 76 °F to 96 °F all year round. The ocean breeze provides a cooling effect due to constant mild eastward winds. Furthermore, the island is in a hurricane-free zone and experiences moderate rainfall throughout the year.