The National Board of Medical Examiners Program Officers Conducts Visit to Columbus Central University School of Medicine

On Tuesday July 19, 2022, Columbus Central University School of Medicine welcomed the National Board of Medical Examiners Program Officers, Elizabeth Gallagher and Amy Gilthorpe to their beautiful Belize Campus. The purpose of the visit is for the NBME to acquaint themselves with the CCU’s Staff, Faculty and Students for a potential partnership for the use of the NBME’s state of the art customized assessment services. Through this, CCU can provide insight into students’ mastery of material taught in courses. After a day of informative presentations, meetings and tours, both parties expressed gratitude and great hope to working together. CCU’s Executive Director of Operations and International Admissions, Mrs. Candace Castillo shared, “Our top priority is to continue to provide students with a dynamic and comprehensive medical education. While most medical schools have other competing priorities in the areas providing clinical care and research, education remains the major focus for ourstudents, faculty and administration. We look forward to partnering with the NBME.” CCU’s sister university, Washington University of Health and Science, located in San Pedro has already partnered with the NBME since 2012. WUHS has been offering these exams to ensure student competency and preparation to meet the United States Medical Licensing requirements.