If you are interested in our unique degree programs and the application process, please refer to the link provided below for comprehensive information. Additionally, if you are contemplating transferring from another medical school, this link will provide you with detailed guidance on the necessary steps to take for a successful transfer.


CCUSOM provides students with the flexibility to apply year-round through a rolling admissions process. Additionally, we offer three different start dates for enrollment - January, May, and September, which gives students the freedom to choose a start date that aligns with their schedule.


After carefully evaluating and processing the application and its supporting materials, we will arrange an interview with an applicant.


The admissions panel is responsible for making the final decision on the application. The applicant will hence be notified of the final decision made by our admissions panel through email, phone and an official admission package.


Upon being officially admitted as a student at CCSOM, you can look forward to embarking on an exciting new phase of your life. For more information about our on-campus accommodation and the immigration process, please refer to the link provided below. Furthermore, discover the benefits of having our campus located in one of the most contemporary and picturesque cities in the Caribbean.