The Pre-Med program is comprised of three semesters aimed to prepare students to entry into the Medical Program offered at CCU. The Pre-Med allows students to earn the required 94 credit hours of sciences required for entry into the Pre-Clinical Program at CCU.

Pre-Medical Course Schedule:

Semester 1

  • General Biology I w/Lab (8 credits)
  • General Chemistry w/Lab I (8 credits)
  • Algebra I (6 credits)
  • Medical Research I (6 credits)

Semester 2

  • General Biology II w/Lab (8 credits)
  • General Chemistry II w/Lab (8 credits)
  • Physics I w/Lab (8 credits)
  • Organic Chemistry I w/Lab (8 credits)
  • Medical Research II (6 credits)

Semester 3

  • Organic Chemistry II w/Lab (8 credits)
  • Physics II w/Lab (8 credits).
  • Algebra II (6 credits)
  • Medical Terminology (4 credits)

Transfer Credit

Transfer credits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. CCU reserves the right to refuse transfer credits. All college-level transfer credits must be submitted with an official transcript. Accepted grade of “C” or higher in order to gain transfer credit.