Having 12 years of success, Columbus Central University has some advantages over the other medical schools, that you may consider before making the final decision. We are constantly working towards providing an optimal medical education environment. We are dedicated to each and every student and enforce this with our faculty.

Instead of making empty promises, we would like to show you the progress of development, therefore please get familiar with those advantages, we have at this point of time:

Excellent curriculum and highest teaching standards

We have created a U.S. based curriculum and appointed most qualified faculty members to prepare students for passing a series of exams known as the United States Medical Licensure Exam (USMLE) in a first attempt. There are numerous visiting professors from U.S. medical schools coming every semester to implement highest education standards. The school also offers USMLE Review Course of Medical Science at our teaching facility in Belize to directly assist you in preparation for this critical exam;

Large in scope Clinical Rotation Slots Database

CCU has established cooperation with over 300 preceptors in 67 hospitals and training centers throughout US to provide its students with a wide selection of clinical clerkship locations with no waiting time;

Competitive tuition fees and strong financial aid

CCU offers very reasonable cost of attendance along with easy accessible financial aid to every single student, which makes our university affordable to everyone seriously considering to study medicine;

Beautiful, safe and quiet study environment

Belize is an excellent place to study. The country of Belize is located outside of the hurricane belt with low crime rate, nice climate, convenient transportation, economic and political stability.

Outstanding Campus

Columbus Central University is located in a US standard, A-class, complex featuring 12 classrooms/lecture halls, laboritories, university offices, computer lab, library, and student lounge. The safety of all students and employees is provided by 24/7 security personnel and digital monitoring. The facilities promote teaching and learning, as well as encourage an overall living experience for medical students. It’s been designed to provide an outstanding teaching environment for up to 2000 students;

Student Dormitories

We are proud to be among only few Caribbean medical schools that provide students with student dormitories. There are 30 units within 20 minutes walking distance from the campus, available to students at a very competitive rate. The rate includes room, wired and wireless Internet connection, cable television, water, electricity, A/C, microwave, stove, small microwave.

Innovative teaching methods

We have developed and are constantly improving our educational infrastructure including online Question Banks, Teacher Evaluation Forms, Live Lecture Streaming and other innovative solutions such as EduDesk, SIS and PubMed to allow the students to utilize the best education resources. On top of that we created MYCCU service to let you effectively manage your course of study by viewing grades online, paying tuition fees, submitting forms and applications, evaluate teachers, scheduling clinical rotations and more;